Cousin connected his dad's phone to Itunes and it deleted everything

What can I do to recover the data?
Give me any links to get the erased data back, programs too

system restore to an earlier date

How exactly please?

This link should be of assistance to you or just type 'system restore' into the 'search' feature on your computer to take you to this section:

You know I'm just going to google system restore and show you the first article that comes up

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My god, 2 sarcastic posts in under 10 seconds? AMAZING xD

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'System Restore' can also be accessed via the 'control panel', too.

Think he is talking about the phone.

Well anything bought through iTunes can be re downloaded. Contacts are saved to iCloud or an IMAP email account. Can't recover what you didn't backup.

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No Worries :)

So, wait the phone got deleted, or the computer got deleted?

Not sure I hope OP gets back

So your cousin connected his Dad's phone which is Synced to his computer to a computer not authorized with the phone and these Phone usually auto-sync on connect.

EDIT: Most of the data should be on the main computer the phone is initially synced with, contact data will be cloud saved automatically unless you don't have that, then you are fucked.

He hasn't gotten back to me about it but it's the phone that got erased