Couple of 4K Monitor Questions

I plan on getting a 40" 4K monitor. I've been looking around trying to decide and got a few questions.

Is AMH A409U Ver. 2 Still kinda broken? I read that some people was having problems with it.

How can you tell the difference between AMH A409U and AMH A409U Ver. 2? Is this Ver. 2?

If AMH A409U Ver. 2 is the only one they are selling.. would it be better to just go with the WASABI MANGO UHD400 instead?

I've got the A409U V2 (picked it up in march) I've had no problems with it. That said, only my 660ti and 970 would push [email protected] over DP to it. my R9 380, while claiming capability, wouldn't. Along with that, linux support for displayport on the 380 seems to be broken, or the card is bad. (works fine in windows)

That link looks like the V2 to me, but I can compare it to the one I have when I get home tonight.

Can't say anything about the UHD400.

I would say that the a409u is a good piece of kit though and worth every penny.

Im also torn between the AMH A409U and the Wasabi Mango UHD400.
From my research:
UHD400 is advertised as flicker free but some people say its not true.
UHD400 has better colors (advertised as IPS)
UHD400 seems to have less dead pixels
UHD400 has thicker bezels (thinner is better for mulitimonitors)
A409U can be over clocked to 240 hz at 1080p (maybe stay at 120hz to be safe; UHD400 is 120hz)
A409U seems to have less problems with backlight bleeding, but the ebay listings say backlight bleeding is not a reason to return the monitor, so maybe many of them do bleed. People say the UHD400 has a problem with this.
UHD400 has a blue tone, but i guess this can be fixed in the menu.
A409U seems to have problems of color leaking in gray backgrounds. For example, if i put a picture of thick red line on a gray background, there will be a faint red line extending to the gray background.
Both monitors have people saying they cant get 60 hz at 4k, but seems like the A409U has more of this problem.
Same goes for freesync
More people have the A409U. Its a more popular monitor at the moment

Basically sounds like A409U is better (flicker free, overclock higher, thinner bezels, less bleeding) except for colors, but seems to be less stable than the UHD400.

I would go with the UHD400 but people did tests and it flickers and the bezels are larger.
If it really is flicker free, then i would buy it over the A409U.
Really cant decide.
If u use the monitor for long periods of time then go for the A409U since the UHD400 is probably not flicker free.
If u are a gamer then get thw A409U because of the slightly faster screen. IPS monitors experience more lag but my current ips monitors dont bother me at all.
If u have ips monitors and want to use them with a 4k monitos, get thw UHD400 for less noticable color difference
If u want to watch movies maybe go with the UHD400 for the colors. Or maybe the colors on the A409U are almost just as good because its just slightly below ips, and the UHD400 may not be true ips, but close enough.

If only we could try before we buy...

You're incorrect thinking the UHD400 is an IPS display. It's a PVA panel. You're probably confusing it with the UHD420, which is an IPS display.

The Wasabi Mango is probably the best thing to buy still given that it can do free-sync and 1080p 120Hz

I agree, I think it's better than the 409 v2. Too many issues there. I'm also considering the UHD430 myself since it is IPS and that'll help with close-up viewing angles.

I havw had a Wasabi Mango UHD40 since mid April. I have no flicker, nor much back light bleed. Overall I am extremely satisfied so far. I will say the power cord and adapter are garbage but they work. I only play games such as World of Warships so I can't comment on the AAA games but for WoW I am pegged at 60 fps with every setting maxed and it is so much more immersive than 24 inch 1080p.
From my research before I bought mine, I learned there are some guys on here that give great advice. I bought from dreamseller and everything went very smoothly, my panel had no defects.

Hey ! owner of 3 AMH, these IMO are the best that Korea has had yet..........if you get a good unit ! I have read people having problems with the 400 for freesync.
The upscaling is great with ati cards. That said, again the unit must get to you in good condition; that aspect seems to have changed. (cf more people with problems with damaged packaging).
I can recommend both the AMH and dreamSeller.

got for a 30"~ monitor.

the 40" are too big, and at 30~ you get some crazy pixel density, like a 30" retina display

I'd like to address this and blame the shitty hardware on my PC. I was able to get [email protected] working just fine on Windows and Arch with a borrowed GTX 970, but my R9 380 and GTX 660 had issues. I think if I had "4k ready" hardware, I would have had better results. I'm going to pick up a RX 480 when it releases if the benchmarks back up the press releases, and I'll report back again.

A409U seems to have problems of color leaking in gray backgrounds. For example, if i put a picture of thick red line on a gray background, there will be a faint red line extending to the gray background.

This only happens on certain settings. for example, I'm using HDMI from my r9 380 for [email protected] right now and if I use "point to point" display scaling mode, I don't get any issues, but with "wide" display scaling mode, I have color leaking on occasion. I wonder if they'll release a firmware update to resolve this issue sometime soon. (seems like a software issue, rather than hardware)

UHD400 seems to have less dead pixels

Can't speak for UHD400, but my A409U has a single dead pixel about 3 inches right of dead center. It doesn't bother me too much, but it's there.

Just wanted to add my 2c to your explanation.

That said, I think you're right on with your analysis.

If it really is flicker free, then i would buy it over the A409U.

I'm willing to do a flicker test, I just don't know how to do it. If someone can link to a guide or explain how, I'll flicker test my A409U.

While it's true that 40" are big, I'm happy with the pixel density of them and since my eyes aren't perfect, default text size (without scaling) is very easy on the eyes.

they all say that, but once you experience it first hand the tone changes.

I'm using a 27" 4k atm at 125% scalling and its just perfect.

Just giving my 2c on the matter.

While not a 40" monitor, I did just order a 43" Wasabi Mango & a height adjustable desktop stand. Both should be here in the coming week and I'll post my thoughts on them then.

Are yours v1 or v2? I understand that the v1 monitors were great but the v2 (the only ones available these days) tend to be problematic. I think the v2 can be identified by having more HDMI 2.0 ports than the v1 (I forget the exact details, sorry).

I'm considering that. Given that you pulled the trigger, I'll assume your research is more thorough than mine. What did you discover with burn-in? Is it a problem or not? I'm trying to actively research that and am having trouble coming to a conclusion on that factor.

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I have to say that I couldn't find a lot of info on the 43" model. Most of what's out there is centered on the 40" & 42" and from what I read I didn't see a lot of issues with burn-in so I pulled the trigger anyway.

Initial impressions of the 43" are Holy Sh*t, this thing is huge! :-p I'm going to do a write-up, but I will say that my 980Ti got a 44FPS score in Heaven Benchmark, and I saw no dead pixels, 4:4:4 Chroma checked out good, and the 'UFO Test' showed I'm getting [email protected]

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It sounds like you're initially happy (after the shock value of the size!) - that's great! What's your primary use case? Gaming? Productivity? Graphics? My need is primarily as a web developer so having static toolbars (browsers, IDEs, etc.) on the screen is a real problem if there's a burn-in issue. I'd love if you were able to speak about that a bit after you get a few days/weeks with this screen.

I'm not going to pull the trigger until the end of the month (I leave on vacation next week so not gonna order until I get back), so I'm not in a rush for your response to that. But I would appreciate if you could pay attention to that as you evaluate your new shiny toy! :-D

EDIT: What keyboard is that?

I'll try to include burn-in in my review. As for use case it's for everything I do on a computer, to include VM's (I work for HP and do a lot testing for our contract), Weather Forecast modeling (Prior USAF Weather Forecaster- have to keep up my skills :-p ), and the usual gaming, entertainment, etc.

The Keyboard is the Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard: An over-the-top expense, only justified by selling a bunch of hardware. :-P

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I can just say one thing, wasabi also has his share of problems. If you can get a good unit , the AMH409U, I still think it is a better built and better buy. No shit, the display is absolutely great, and that after nearly a year !!
I think the real problem is getting it to you in good shape !
43, for me is too big !
edit 1 = no offence to users who for it ! 40 is the limit for my neck (IMO) and best eye to screen distance, 30 to 36 eye to screen

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Will i see a big difference between pva and ips? Im currently using dell s2340m which are ips (not real ips, its like a lower quality ips or something) and i want to put them in portrait mode on the side of the 4k monitor since the 40 inch would fit perfectly height wise.
Are the viewing angles bad for pva panels?