Counter-Strike: Source

This game is too easy.

Ehh, that's a weak score :P

You didn't get b&?

Lol sonata, better than you used to be eh?

Pretty weak score actually. Its too high. deathmatch, afk people ftw.??

knowing Sonata and what hes been doing lately, he probably hacked it or some shit.

lol.. i sure did... 10+ kills everytime i went into CT spawn

lol.. that AGES ago, and i wasn't even playing right.. dun judge me for ole times

LOL dont play pub

why is pub bad? i improved a lot playing pub for a month. not just in fragging tho... also in the teamplay aspect..

Because pub is totaly different to scriming, im sorry thats just my opinion.

[color=#ff0000]Counter-Strike source fucking sucks dick counter-strike 1.6 for the win[/color]

Wow youre so cool writing in red and shit.. seriously chill.

Wow your so cool you have a picture that says sli and its green

I can beat everyone in this thread lol.

Haha, I just laugh. XD

CSS FTW, im getting better :)

Edit: Didnt mean to quote the above.

twitch 3-0 is easy as is 30-9(~3:1 ratio) now if that was 30 to like 1-3 I'd have my eye on you :3

as for jullian, you're a faggot piece of shit scrub. have fun with your over rated pixelated trash 1.6 that kids only play because they can't afford anything other than onboard. things update for a reason, generally because the older version has lost it's pizazz and/or just sucks. I'll die before I go back to playing 1.6 ever again. Dod 1.3 maybe..... but that's a whole different story.

any rtw cs:s events coming up?

P.S. That was an actual scrim not a pub lol.
Play me if you wanna say somethin.

I've played you before and I'm not saying I'm better, just that I've seen better and had some very good days on a very rare occasion.