Counter Strike Source Zombie Mod Server

This place is fun. It has cool objectives. I think a few zombie servers do this type of thing. The rest, probably is just to make a barricade and hope not to get infected.

This one, has that obviously, but also has interesting maps, objectives to humans and zombies get to a certain point of the map first and dominate. Pretty much like a race.. With dirty tricks.

heres the server :

There's this guy called "Mike" and we make fun of his 7 year old voice. He plays along with it and that makes it more funny. Join the fun :D


Also this other one is just all the zombies are on terrorist which are bots. and your on ct. The maps are regular maps and you have to exterminate then as fast as possible. They get harder every round. As a human, you can level up by killing and get rewarded by more cash, hp, flashbang( stuns the zombies), grenades, and faster running.

As Zombie, you run faster, more hp.... and you auto heal.



Cause of this mod, i play more cs haha.

K, I'll play that sometime. :D

thats a cool CS mod *thumbs up* ima try to play that soon

This video is what happens mostly everytime if you become a zombie.