Could you check my specs?

Alright so my specs are:
Amd A8-3850 Llano 2.9 ghz apu
Amd 6670 gpu 2 gb
Asus Amd Motherboard Socket FM1 with uefi bios
500Gb Western Digital Hard drive
Antec 300 Mid tower case
and 8Gb of ram from Crucial Ballistix

Thanks for any and all help

Sounds good to me, simple build, But I am an AMD fan from the k6/2 days, switched from intel and never looked back....:)


thanks and will this run skyrim fallout 3 new vegas and all of them at least on medium?


I'm just going to stop responding to people who don't know how to use the enter key or can't properly format a forum post. 

I am sorry I am new here. Don't need to be a jerk. It's not like I asked what a CPU is.

it should it just depends on what resulotion... if your not doing eyefinity your probably going to be at medium or high, depending on the game :-)