Could windows 10's invasive data collection be bypassed by editing the HOSTS file?

I originally planned to upgrade but with revelations all over the internet I decided to wait. Recently it was brought to my attention that even with Cortana disabled using the start menu's search bar will call home to Microsoft. In other words even features that present risks to personal data are disabled there is no change. I was wondering if editing the HOSTS file would prevent this data from leaving the computer at all.

better download peerblock and add all microsoft ip's. But yes, hosts is some kind of fix.

but there's plenty of work that needs to be done.

Not likely. It may help to edit the HOSTS file, but in actuality they have many methods of calling home.

disable ipv6, use opendns, have firewall (block everything), allow only things that you use.

deny all
allow etc...

use wireshark and monitor traffic for a week. Then review it. Go to task scheduler and remove/disable tasks that send out any info or call home.
disable services that call home ~ like search.
remove all apps including cortana


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Sounds like fun...

Sure, You can see everytime you do a search via cortana/search microsoft sends data to bing.

Here's some hosts for you if you are paranoid;

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Something that has worked for me is using the Microsoft Network Monitor to identify the IP addresses that Windows 10 processes use to call home and block them with windows firewall.

This method will work, but it's important to remember that Microsoft's DNS resolver or more specifically, the dnsapi.dll will bypass the hosts file with its included hostnames strings.

This has been the case since XP service pack2.
Currently (within windows 10) dnsapi.dll bypasses Microsoft update hostnames, which according to Microsoft is for security purposes.

Im sure there are some possible ways to bypass, deactivate some services etc.

But if you think, that you can just turn everything you want off, and still have a functioning Operating System

You are mistaken, hell ill be surprised if it even boots. (Which will never happen)