Could use a few suggestions on cheering up

I have some of the same problems as Ian Murdock, and hit a very similar level of stress. I need something to hyperfocus on until this passes.

I am safe, but I want to shut down until I get over this.

Life sucks, then you die.

Best advice I have? Grab a book, sip your tea, and chill at a library until this all blows over.


As @judahnator suggested, sink yourself in a good book.
The german originals to these were really good:

Life is hard, we all play the same game.
For me, the best way to calm down is listen to music, drawing, reading and writing myself.

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I listen to music, watch a show/movie, learn something new either here or randomly on other tech sites (blasphemy, I know), and flip through parts to upgrade my home build (may or may not happen sometimes, but it’s still fun).

If all else fails, pick a Linux thing you’ve never done before and learn how to do it just using the man pages and time. That will generally keep you busy. :wink:


I concur. Do something and complete it. Fold your clothes or learn something new … read a book … whatever. Just don’t be one of those people that ends their sentence in “…” because those people suck…

Personally my most successful attempts at dissolving negative feelings are doing something physical.

I like hiking, so getting out on a trail, rain or shine, makes me feel much more attuned to the world around me. Sometimes I run, but usually a moderate pace keeps me feeling lively, depression goes away quickly when I can hike and avoid other people.

Splitting firewood is very cathartic. It’s relatively mindless, and if I didn’t saw the sections, oftentimes wood I have gotten does not sit straight and so focusing on balance can be a mental distraction. Exertion is high, a good way to work out frustration and anger.

Weight lifting has a similar effect as firewood processing for me, and putting on a good album (mood-dependent there) and focusing on physical tension and putting myself on a rigid timing schedule (1-minute rest periods between sets, no more than 5 minutes between exercises) aids me in letting go of negative feelings, although it can be difficult to get myself to go to the gym on some days.

I should read more, but I have fallen out of it these days. Anything that keeps me from looking at my phone is good, though, as I think it’s basically a little stress-depression generator in my pocket. I wish I could get rid of it but simply don’t have the willpower.

Games are good too, but I generally find they are a bad solution to depression for me, I get too worked up about failures and instead of bolstering me they make me feel worse.

Good luck! I was diagnosed with seasonal and clinical depression when I was a teenager and although I believe I’ve done a good job of overcoming the clinical, the seasonal can wear on me, and these are some activities that help.

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Starting an AMD vs Intel thread in the cpu section always cheers me up :slight_smile:

On another forum ofcourse

It might depend on what’s getting you down. Everyone is different and so different people have different ways of dealing with depressive feelings. Re-stating what’s already been suggested such as, reading a good book, exercising, getting out in nature, doing something you enjoy, can help. It might also help to go out and be social. Maybe join a club, get involved with the community, reconnect with some old friends for a drink, do yoga? Whatever gets you through this period without going completely out of your mind. Life isn’t so bad. It definitely has its problems, but a lot of it depends on your outlook. Keep your head up.