Could this build be improved for the same price or lower?

I will be using this build for gaming, work, streaming, developement, and school. I don't plan to overclock the CPU or GPU. I already have the RAM, case, and SSD. I will be running Windows 8 regular or Pro(haven't decided yet). I want this build to be future proof also. Thanks in advanced.

This will be a much better build for your uses (gaming, streaming, etc.):

As for Windows 8, you don't have to worry about a RAM limitation anymore like you might have to with Windows 7. Regular Windows 8 supports up to 128GB of RAM, while Pro supports up to 512GB, and there's really no motherboard that can come close to touching either of those numbers unless it's some crazy server board.

The only differences between pro and regular is that pro has these features:

1) Provides enhanced data protection with BitLocker and BitLocker To Go to help keep your information secure.

2) Enables you to host a Remote Desktop Connection on your own PC so you can connect to it when you're using a different PC.

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I was kinda looking for Intel since every reference i have looked at says Intel has better benchmarks than AMD. I was woundering if the newest AMD chipset was faster and better than the Intel I have picked out. Is it? Do I need a cooler since im not OCing?

For gaming purposes, the difference between AMD and Intel is extremely minimal, and the FX-8350 actually performs a little better than the Core i5 in gaming anyway. Where you're really going to see the benefit from an FX-8350, though, is in streaming. If you're playing a game and streaming it over the net at the same time, the FX-8350 will be able to handle the workload much better than the i5, and you won't lose nearly as many frames per second in-game.

A cooler isn't necessary since you're not overclocking, but I like to have a mid-range cooler installed on the processor just to make sure the CPU is running nice and cool. CPUs can sometimes hit dangerous temperatures while under load with the stock cooler installed, so I'm personally more comfortable with something a little more robust even if you're not overclocking.

What about for productivity and Multi-Tasking? Does the 8350 win there also? Really what im asking is...Which one is better overall because I only PC game a little like Minecraft, a few fighting games and NCAA. I have a Playstation 3 for everything else. I really need this PC for productivity, developement, and minor gaming.

Well, theoretically, the i5 should be better at applications that utilize less cores because it has stronger single threaded performance. The FX-8350 has more cores, though, which make it better for heavily threaded applications and heavy multitasking, which is why it is better for gaming and streaming simultaneously. It should be better for programs that can utilize more cores as well.

In straight gaming, the i5 and FX-8350 are pretty similar, but the FX-8350 pulls away and beats it when multitasking.

Okay, I'm sting with the Intel. So would this build be pretty solid and last me 3-4 years, maybe longer? 

I use an i5 myself, there is absolutely nothing it cannot handle with ease, and when it it is on par with the FX, it beats it elsewhere...


Only games that can take use of more threads will see the FX edge it out by 1-2fps vs the i5, but for games that only need higher per core speed, the i5 will take the lead.


Multi GPU performance is also a lot better with intel's platform.


Multi GPU proof.

Faster memory, better motherboard to potentially take the memory further (Patriot doesn't support it past 2133 MHz, so I really don't know if they have locked it down past that, or if it just voids the warranty. But it is so pretty.) Also, you forgot the aftermarket cooler. I like this little jobbie from Scythe. So many heat pipes, so many fins.

Meh, I would personally go with the FX-8350 if you're going to be streaming and doing some heavy multitasking.

Recon-UK, that was 3, almost 4 months ago... Drivers got updated so the BIOS probavly and something involving the CPU.

in 3-4 months anything can be updated and AMD's GPU drivers got updated by a lot recently so don't post outdated results from the day it launched!

@Mndless I already have the RAM, casing, and SSD I know you said you don't plan on overclocking, but if you ever want to, it's there. I chose a 660Ti because if you need CUDA, it's there.