Could the Internet Survive?

Dear Logan and Wendell

     If there was a doomsday type situation could the giant network that makes the internet be compressed and stored in a singular location to be recovered later.  I would think that the information in the internet would be useful for rebuilding. Kind of like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault but with the internet instead. I do not have much networking knowledge, but I know that all websites are not stored on the same servers and things have to connect to other things and send and share data that make websites.
     P.S. Could it be possible to provide yourself your own internet  completely independent from other companies and etc.? Heard you could but takes a lot of money  

 Just thought this would be a cool topic to discuss.

Yes you could store the entire internet in one location. BUT the amount of storage to do this would be massive. For example YouTube alone would be 20 exabytes or 20 million terabytes.