Could somebody explain tangible performance differences between Intel processors? i5-7267U vs i5-7287U vs i7-7567U

I will admit that I am considering buying a MacBook Pro. I want the 13" model. I was wondering if somebody could explain how substantial the differences in performance of the various available processors would be. The options are an i5-7267U at 3.1-3.5GHz, an i5-7287U at 3.3-3.7GHz, or an i7-7567U at 3.5-4.0GHz. How much difference is it going to make in daily BS (Chrome browsing, Adobe Lightroom, non-intensive nonsense) if I choose a cheaper vs. more expensive processor? I just don't have the good fortune of working with a lot of diverse hardware, so I can look at the clock speeds and try to theorize but it's very difficult for me to determine how much this shit actually matters.

For browsing, office work, and 2d photo manipulation, all of them are more than adequate. You won't notice a difference unless you always have 35+ tabs open at any given time.

The storage will make more difference to UX than the cpu in this case, and you'll lose battery life the further up the stack you go.