Could not connect to windows service?

Starting last night after i booted up my computer a pop up shows up saying "Could not connect to windows service" After i installed some Windows update that were available the problem fixed it self but after i rebooted my computer this morning it happened again. I have no idea what to do. Ive done multiple Virus tests and there is nothing.

What about a full malware and a boot scan?

windows service could be anything right? could be the update service or just the clock right? :P


Yeah the boot scan took like 2 hours and it fixed some other errors just not the one i need. Its making my theme from Aero to basic theme and its really bugging me. I dont know what else to do i might just have to live with it because i think im done everything.

If your using aero does your system disk give you the option of repairing your installation of windows verses a reinstall ? It might be the fastest way to cure everything.

You might also try something like advanced system care. What it can do is set your system settings to a base line standard. If you doesnt work or you dont like get rid but its free and may save sometime.