Could Looking Glass capture linux host and send it to guest VM (Windows) aka "Looking Glass in reverse"?

I’ve compiled looking-glass-host on linux host hoping that windows guest VM could become it’s client. Unfortunately, the program simply exits…

Usually windows vm is the looking glass host and linux hypervisor is it’s client, but is the reverse possible? I realize that support for this may be very limited, but any hint would be greatly appreciated.

./looking-glass-host                                                                                    [4/4]
[I]  16442577654               app.c:747  | app_main                       | Looking for configuration file at: /home/user1/looking-glass-host.ini      
[I]  16442577698               app.c:751  | app_main                       | Configuration file not found or invalid, continuing anyway...              
[I]  16442577720               app.c:771  | app_main                       | Looking Glass Host (B6-8-g894b8b0c22)                                      
[I]  16442578336           cpuinfo.c:37   | lgDebugCPU                     | CPU Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz                       
[I]  16442578358           cpuinfo.c:38   | lgDebugCPU                     | CPU: 1 sockets, 6 cores, 12 threads
[I]  16442578371           ivshmem.c:128  | ivshmemOpenDev                 | KVMFR Device     : /dev/shm/looking-glass
[I]  16442578405               app.c:788  | app_main                       | IVSHMEM Size     : 32 MiB
[I]  16442578413               app.c:789  | app_main                       | IVSHMEM Address  : 0x7FBF277B8000
[I]  16442578426               app.c:790  | app_main                       | Max Pointer Size : 1024 KiB
[I]  16442578432               app.c:791  | app_main                       | KVMFR Version    : 19
[I]  16442578442               app.c:809  | app_main                       | Trying           : XCB
[I]  16442579133               xcb.c:134  | xcb_init                       | Frame Size       : 1920 x 1080
[I]  16442579201               xcb.c:152  | xcb_init                       | Frame Data       : 0x7FBF26FCF000
[I]  16442579849               app.c:834  | app_main                       | Using            : XCB
[I]  16442579875               app.c:835  | app_main                       | Capture Method   : Asynchronous
[I]  16442583770               app.c:687  | lgmpSetup                      | Max Frame Size   : 14 MiB
[I]  16442584212               app.c:385  | captureStop                    | ==== [ Capture Stop ] ====

The Linux host application is incomplete, not currently developed and thus unsupported. You may get some unofficial assistance on our discord server but otherwise you’re pretty much on your own (Goto Looking Glass to visit our server). Also, please note that there’s currently no client for Windows.

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Thanks for confirming, that’s a shame, but at least I know now not to delve on it for too long. Another option for this setup is to unlock SR-IOV on nvidia card I think and to use a second external monitor (if that’s possible). Looking glass would be simpler, but without windows client it of course wouldnt work.

UPDATE: just realized that SR-IOV won’t let you divide dGPU’s physical outputs… bummer, perhaps there is a way to isolate thunderbolt controller and passthrough to the VM only the graphics card… but I think it won’t work neither…

Not sure if there 's any way to get physical output out of the integrated gpu in a laptop whic has all ports wired to the dedicated GPU. Some “Reverse Prime” (iGPU offloading?)

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Hi, sorry to bother you with this low-effort attempt, but have you heard by any chance about any progress on Looking Glass Linux host branch? Has anyone tried to develop it any further since March? It would be really useful :slight_smile:

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