Could Logan, Pistol, Wendell and Qain do a setup tour?

Could the team do a setup tour? I bet there are a lot of us who want to see just how you guys set everything up, what connects to what and how you manage your cables and such.             

Yea, wouldn't mind seeing a full office tour, could go around showing us all the equipment you use, overview of the computer specs etc.


I think Logan said he will do this when he builds his new rig.

I think they're going to, also I want to see their new kitchen 


They said they were going to a few weeks ago. So we shall see when they get around to it.

We were also promised a banana fight if I remember correctly...... 

I would also like to see their setup.

Yes, we were promised a banana fight

Woot! they listened :D

+ 10000000000000000000000

Looking forward to Logan's setup.

Asked for this like a month ago and it went ignored T.T



Anyway, I have a lot of those older CPU's Wendell's collecting. Let me know what others you're looking for and I'll see if I have any laying around.  

You may want to email him, he may even buy them from you.