Could it be considered a PS4 Killer?

Is this a good budget build?

Yes but not in the price department. in all honesty you shouldn't have to worry about competing with a console. this will destroy it properly in terms of performance lol. a 270x is an acceptable card to play 1080p games at high settings, (Coming from experience) some games on ultra as well. and you are building your PC in a excellent time too since the Steam summer sale is coming. overall the component selection is excellent and at a awesome price. nice job. :)

Would paying $30 more for a 8320 add a significant boost in gaming performance?


Would paying $30 more for a 8320 be significant in terms of gaming performance? (Sorry, forgot to hit reply)


yes. but i don't think you'll see that an exceptional improvement. you will see a benefit but not that is jaw dropping if that's what you are looking for. you can bring out the 8320s potential by overclocking it a bit. THEN you will see jaw dropping performance compared to a 6300. which isn't difficult there is multiple videos that will teach you how to overclock your primary components (like your graphics card and CPU) to get a little extra performance out of your system. but overall if you can grab it than go for its a beastly little Octa-core CPU.


Yes, but don't expect it to run for long in that weak motherboard.


What he said. it'll work but the motherboard is a pretty weak motherboard. it will handle the 8-core but not for a while. it does however handle the 6-core pretty well so if you want to feel secure with not deal with issues stick with the 6-cores. if you want an upgrade for it maybe grab a FX-6350

6350 is kind of irrelevant when the 8320 is the same price.

yeah but the motherboard isn't going to handle it properly anyways.