Could I use a 2nd GPU with faulty output in Crossfire?

After reading the post about using a GPU with display issues to mine Bitcoins (or preferably litecoin) I was wondering, from my limited understanding of Crossfire could I in theory use a card with faulty output as the 2nd card as only 1 card plugs into the monitor?


Sorry if this was the dumbest thing you've ever read.

as far as i know, when you crossfire two gpu, you make a single gpu that is the results of the two working together, so if the gpu with with the faulty output, has the interneal component like the memory and the processory intact, you can let it as second gpu without using the output, and it will still work fine in the crossfire.what gpu are you using?

I use a Radeon 7950 (MSI TF3 with a 7970 PCB if it matters). Whilst I don't really need the extra juice for gaming, I'm a mining enthusiast and I wouldn't mind being able to pick up a faulty card without much expense online to give me more Khash. :)

when you do a crossfire, both card work at the speed of the weakest, remember this