Could anyone read this dump file for my constant BSODs


Recently I have been having some BSODs mainly memory management I have attempted to upload the dump file I don't know whether I have correctly but if someone could look that would be fantastic.!Aro_ppY0ZJYugVh1IGbqooMbIJZZ

update just had another one and have uploaded that too.!Aro_ppY0ZJYugVlT2Ed3istoBAr1


Ok it looks like the BSODs are being caused by corrupt memory. I would run memtest and see if that gives you anything.

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Thanks for replying, I have run memtest with all 4 sticks in at the same time and that gave me no errors I ran it for several hours. Should I run each stick separately for that length of time?

Have you run CrystalDiskInfo yet?
You might have a bad hard drive.

When running memtest, do you change any settings?

No i haven't checked the HDD and I just used the default and let it run.