Could anyone help me with my New PC Build?

I have a computer at the moment but it's like 3 years old. It runs games from 2011 at like medium settings and i'm sick of the low framerate and I just would like a computer that would kill ultra settings on skyrim and battlefield 3. My computer at the moment is shit and old, and that's why I want to build a new custom gaming computer. I would like to build it in the next 2 months and I was just wondering about what computer parts I should get because I'm not to sure what to get. Thanks to anyone who can help. Much appreciated. :)

I've been on PC Part Picker for the last couple of weeks and i've put together this build. I'm not to sure about it. it's around $720 Could someone go over it and fix up any mistakes or find cheaper alternatives please.


You can save a bit on other parts, get a beter CPU and still have a cheaper outcome

hmmm interesting... I actually liked the way you knocked the price down by about $80. I just would like this pc i'm going to build to last for about 3 - 4 years until it needs replacing, and to play games at ultra settings on 1600 x 900. But thanks for the help mate. 


FFS, I choked when I saw a FX6200... I'll assume you did that by accident. Heres the build I generally recommend:

Its got $50 wiggle room, you could up the case to the enforcer if you want, this case is solid though. The XFX PSU isn't better than the Seasonic one, but they are very similar and it comes at a cheaper price, both have a 5 year warrenty. The board has heatsinked mosfets and 8+2 phase count so you'll get an awesome overclock out of it (yes, you will overclock it, to at least 4.6GHz, I'll help you personally if need be). XFX is a personal preference, can go with HIS to save $3.

Does the quality or build and the price of the case matter at all?? haha. Do XFX make good and reliable PSU?? I would much rather the XFX graphics card then the HIS card because well personal preference and I think it's just a better graphics card overall. I've never really overclocked anything before... with my build that i included in the description, is the processor good enough for gaming? It's a quad core processor and it's standard clock is 3.6Ghz. Is it better to have 6 cores and spend more money or have 4 cores with is less money?? Thanks for the help anyway mate! Much appreciated. :)

Oops the build I posted was indeed meant to have the FX-6300 CPU, I blame the hangover.

The XFX PSU is good.

What about getting a AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition for a cpu? Because I probably won't overclock my cpu anyway... Nor I don't know how to. Should get the FX-6300 or a cheaper cpu? What graphic cards do you recommend? 

The X4 965 doesn't really make sense to get if you're not overclocking at all, I recommend it in very tight budget builds where the user is going to overclock, because it's meant to do that, and overclocked it propably gives the most performance per coin spent out of all current CPUs.

Just go with the FX-6300, you said yourself you want it to last a few years. As for the GPU, just get the Gigabyte you had in your original build if you like it.

okay yeah I think I will go with the FX-6300 and I will stick with the gigabyte gpu I had in the oringinal build. Thanks for the help.

How good is your computer build?

Well obviously I can't give exact numbers but a FX-6300 + HD 7870 will run most games on high settings depending a bit on your resolution. <=1080p no problem.

okay well that sounds like a good option then. :)

Heres this build for your cash range and this will work great.


Wow. I had a look at this and it is a pretty good build. It's under $700 and good quality, it has a nice processor and motherboard and graphics card! And plus I've got a optical drive at home so that saves $16 which is good :)

Your lack of an aftermarket cooler on a very OCable CPU is disturbing.

Thanks for the help! :)