Could AMD help snowball Linux gaming?

Do you think this could be possible now with AMD developing a new API, hopefully they dont go pure evil and leave Nvidia out in the cold, That could be destructive for progress, but if they put it on Linux surely it could become the new gaming platform?

What do you think? I personally think it could start a snowball effect with SteamOS...



Except that Valve and NVIDIA are working together to make SteamOS which is linux based so NVIDIA won't be left out in the cold. 

PunnisherOfDeath already posted a topic on this:

I heard Mantle is gonna be open source.

I do hope AMD get some way in tho, Im not fan boy by any means but I just think the price/performance is better on AMD

AMD CPU's better on Linux?

It's not really all about gaming aswell. Linux is missing key software you just cant get. - Like the adobe stuff, or the FL stuff, or certain browsers ,or even Unity. There's also many bugs when you do the installation - X being a dick an so fourth - that just needs to be ironed out to get new users (who dont want to touch the .conf files) interested.

Linux ?

X being a dick? Not sure what you mean in regards to every day work and gaming i have had no issues. Touching conf files? i only did this for samba shares between windows before i ditched windows :P

Your right about Adobe it seems to be the thing people always give as a reason but GIMP+plugins is pretty damn good for 90% (obviously not going to cut it for those who swear by photoshop)

Im using the lastest KDE I have made 3D animated tablet like UI with all the powerful task switching a desktop brings (better than Gnome :P) it looks and feels awesome much nicer than a stock apple or windows desktop. it also helps with gaming being able to task switch so easily and move games to different virtual desktops and monitors without hassle there is no unhappy full screen to desktop freezes like i had on windows 7 where often i would go back into full screen and the game had crashed some of the old desktop bound feel of windows is gone with a custom linux OS.

 Your average person can create a really slick environment with a modern Linux distro by changing native settings rather than having to install and bloat over stuff like rainmeter on windows

I like gimp but am still used to photoshop so things that are easy for me in photoshop are painstaking hard in gimp. good thing the old photoshop forget version 8 9? works well in wine


Another problem for linux is people them selfs, I have seen it in many shops, they sell windows windows windows, they claim its the best OS etc, the fact is your paying for that OS, with linux your laptop will be cheaper and generally better security and performance wise, if AMD and Nvidia both step up as well and Intel where set, all it takes is a manufacture with balls to come up and make a PC with Ubuntu on it, then could make the snowball bigger making adobe and other companies rethink their choices.


I doubt that many people would start using linux just because now it can run games.


I know that me and a few others would definitely switch to linux once it can run games fluently. The main thing holding us windows users from playing on linux is the lack of drivers.

lets leave nvidia behind, they cost to much and their logo is ugly

I personally like AMD more than nVidia, but I do think nVidia looks more like a card that would go well in a gamer den with Mountain Dew.

Because of this image, many hip gamers will chose nVidia over AMD. (Reminds me of apple and alianware; if you have nVidia, that's fine with me, there are use cases for Apple too!)