Cougar Mouse UIX features don't switch

I recently bought a Cougar 500M mouse. The hardware seems nice, but the UIX software is being intransigent. And Cougar Tech Support seem to have left the building.

The UIX software is supposed to allow the assignment of keystrokes to mouse buttons. Then you link a button set-up to a bunch of games where you want them to operate. Then you link that to one of three modes. Whenever the software detects one of the games, it switches into the assigned mode.

My problem is that it won’t switch back out again!

I want my mouse to have a single key assignment when running Gems of War, but only when Gems of War is the active application.

Instead, the software detects Gems of War, switches modes, then stays there forever. I’ve tried creating links to browser executables, but that didn’t work. The only way I can get it back to normal mode is by bringing up the UIX control panel and manually selecting Mode 1. This is worse than clumsy!

Unfortunately, with no response from Cougar, no Cougar support forum, and only excessively technical documentation for UIX, I’m stuck.

Does anyone know anything about UIX? Or is it another one of those dumb, proprietary systems that seems designed to be impossible to use?

Thanks in advance.

Bind the keys to Alt or ctl + key commands and then bind that combo keys in each game respectively ?

Thanks. Worth a try, as a work-around. Very disappointed with the company, though.