Cosair 200r or the NZXT 129 elite

anyone got an idea i dont have a big gameing rig i just have one hard drive a disk drive and my mother board and cpu with no aftermarket cooler looking to upgrade from a cheap rosewill im feed up with 

Out of those two ... like the Corsair Carbide. It looks to have a little better ventilation IMO.  They are very simular at first glance ... but it is you that will have to live with whatever you decide. ... choose ... lol


The NZXT Source 220. It has a mesh front, so that means better airflow going inside the case. And there is no cheap, plastic hard drive cage to block the airflow from the fans like with the 200R. And about that hard drive cage, if you put a few hard drives in there they get hot. Not to mention that it being made from plastic is going to fail on you faster than a metal cage (like it happened to the reviewer on techpowerup)

If you're undecided based on specs alone, choose whatever you think looks best.

 Ok I dont have multiple hard drives and but ill look into it thanks