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With the recent reveal of Ryan’s fair weather vehicle I figured this was an opportunity to start a discussion for L1 Corvette owners.

I’ll start. At her request, I purchased a beautiful blue 2019 Stingray Coupe for my awesome wife’s birthday just as the pandemic was about to kick off in Feb 2020.


just as the pandemic was about to kick off in Feb 2020

Good timing, it’s probably worth more than you paid for it.

GOOD freakin’ timing!?

I am a HUGE sucker to Gen2 era [+ a bit to Gen3 aesthetic]
Corvettes around me:
Had one HS friend, get this hands on a C5, for a good few years. Kept it stock and clean
Local mechanic has a Gen3, that has been worked upp [for the Drag Strip]

Yeah we had no idea what was about to happen. We preferred the stingray look over the C8 and manual transmission so decided not to wait for C8 which of course was the right decision. :blush:

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I don’t have a Corvette but I’m from the city that has the Corvette museum
Bowling Green Ky

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1989 C4, its been my money pit for over a year now. But boy do I love it :slight_smile:


I was looking around and the prices are just too high right now. Maybe in a couple years, but damn if the c7 isn’t the best example of a sports car you can get your hands on.

I was shocked at how comfortable it is and how easy the clutch is. Its almost as if they designed it for middle aged guys who want to have a midlife crisis lmao

Not to mention that absolutely every aspect of the interior was agonized over. Perfect car if you ask me.


And here I was about the make the joke about this being the section of the forums where 50+ retired Florida white men hang out.

Beat me to it…

@HarlemSquirrel got more pictures of that Stingray? In euro land and did not know they still did them, I thought it was all standard c-series vette these days

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The c$X nomenclature is talking about the body revision. So a c7 is the 7th gen. The stingray is a specific trim, similar to the Z06 and ZR1

I thought, at least, the stingray is usually only available on the first year of production for that body. Though OP has a 2019 stingray. I’m definitely not correct on that.

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gotcha. I was confused with the image, I see now thats a 7th gen.

The arches reminded me of much older c3, I thought it was a special body option for a minute…


The arches are much less pronounced in real life. That angle makes it look absolutely massive as well.

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Yeah they are, I quite like the C7 style, it looks Great! So with the perspective in the image I was confused it looked like it had much bigger sharper arches than is typical of a 2019 car.

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Got me looking at autotrader again, I wanna get me a night race blue. Best paint I’ve ever seen.

Honestly the C5 is probably my least favorite aesthetically but I still recommend it to people wanting a cheap and fast sports car. The C6 was definitely an improvement, but I agree the c7 and c8 just look so much more aggressive and honestly if you didn’t know much about cars you would think they were exotic European cars.


My only qualms with getting one is I’m worried I’ll be on that Mercedes level of upkeep spend. No idea what it looks like, and I don’t want to do $4k for a clutch, $3k for bushings, etc… Every year.

What generation?

C7 probably.

They went soo hard with challenging Ferrari + co., with the performance/$$ front, it costed the Corvettes identity. Could’ve made this car an offshoot variant… or perhaps bring back the Corvair name.

Seeing them structural troubles, with pursuing the MR position, really had me tuned out

The stingray is also a body type. The current C8 is not a stingray so not as wavy.

The C8 is quite the engineering marvel that really is trying to compete with European mid engine super cars which as @GoldenAngel1997 mentioned makes it feel less like a traditional Corvette.