Corsair Warranty complete Shit

Why do companies offer completely shitty warranties. Oh I know its to save 50 cents. Or slightly more. I bought the 600t White, and at the time they offered a 5 year warranty. I need replacement motherboard stand offs and a replacement 200mm fan. Anyways the black one shows it has a 5 year warranty still and the white one says it is only 2. Wth, I mean the newegg site is fucked up because it shows two different warranty length for them. I am no longer purchasing cases from corsair. Hell no longer purchasing anything from them. I bought a k90 keyboard and i cant get it replaced. It still is within warranty, I bought it at the end of 2012.The leds arent really bright anymore. Anyways another brand has hit the dirt in my book. I liked corsair, but now I am going to go with a different one for RAM, PSU, Case, AIO cooling, and keyboards. How can a company like EVGA offer life time warranties and others not? I bought a gtx 580 in 2010 and got it replaced just last month. My 4870 X2 died within 3 years (which I upgraded with the 580) and it was out of warranty. When I purchased the case it was 5 years, they changed it and now I cant get replacement parts. I know its all about a business model, but these things need to be covered.

A warranty doesn't entitle you to replacement parts if you just lose or break them or if they suffer from reasonable wear and tear... It seems like you must not be treating your stuff very well if you've tried to get that many things replaced.

I've only had to use a warranty once in the last 5 years and I take good care of my stuff.

The length of a warranty depends for how long said company wants to maintain an inventory of replacement parts, or how much money they're willing to "lose" replacing parts for free.

Corsair is generally considered one of the better companies so I'm more inclined to believe the problem is more with you than with them.

I've had some good luck with Corsair. They allowed me to return an M65 mouse, simply because I wasn't satisfied with it some 20-30 days after I bought it. Don't know many companies that would do that. Usually, consumers are only protected in a 7-14 day margin.

Sounds like a great time to do some case modding to me. 

3 years? 5 years?

I don't remember ever having anything other than 2 years on any stuff I buy here in Europe.

corsair is the best.

Here is what happened. I bought a corsair PSU. It stopped working at the same time my mobo, gpu, and ram stopped working. Oh and one of the fans stopped working too. The other fan stopped working 3 weeks later. I think the PSU damaged the parts, I cant be positive about it though. The PSU was less than a year old when it stopped. I have never had problems with warranties in the past, as in needing to replace anything. The PSU replaced one that was 7 years old. I have had it since 2006/7. The motherboard was bought in 2010. So Was the graphics card. The case was bought in 2011. The one time I bought a new component (PSU) in the last 3 years, all of the major components ceased to function. I was able to get the video card replaced, the psu replaced, and had to buy a new motherboard as it was out of warranty. Even on of the fans stopped working at the same time. The other 200mm one stopped working a few weeks later. I am thinking it was either the PSU or the fan shorting the PSU out in some way and or a surge accord. It literally took over a month to get the replacement psu. A 200 dollar one I might add (when I bought it). If it was the PSU or the fan, either way it was their product that damaged it. If it wasn't and something else was at fault than not. They had replaced it and prior to it I asked about the damage on the other devices. They didn't say anything. Then when I received the replacement they told me I could have applied for damage claims that the PSU may have caused on the other components. When I said I wanted to do so, they said it was too late. I had already received the replacement, even though I asked about it before receiving it and before they sent it off. As this is the case, I feel they should cover the fan, because it may or may not have been damaged or caused the damage to or by the PSU. They told me after the fact that I could file for a damage claim. At the same time they said I didn't qualify for it as I already had received the replacement. The replacement taking slightly over a month to receive and the fact that they told me I could file for damages when it was I couldn't. If they had told me when I first asked I would have qualified for a damage claim, now I can't and I am out of a 250 dollar motherboard and had to pay for shipping for the other parts that were replaced. 

P.S. I have never had trouble with other brands. I had a thermaltake armor between 2006 and 2011 (when i bought the 600t). I had an Ultra or Thermaltake PSU for slightly longer before it died. I had a logitech g15 keyboard since 2005 before the lcd panel stopped working, so I got a k90 as a replacement. I had a razer diamond back since 2007 when it stopped working just last month. My point is I havent had problems since I became a Corsair fan boy (buying their aio liquid cooling, 16gb of ram, psu, case, and headset). The headset partially doesnt work. It plays in one ear and not the other. It is still under warranty, which I am gonna probably have to deal with. 

Corsair isnt bad, but in the last year I have had 4 of the corsair products that i have purchased stop working. What I mean by this thread is to begin with is not about getting the replacement parts, but about the warranty being different for two nearly identical cases that share the same name (the only difference is the color). The more expensive 600t has a 2 year warranty where as the cheaper one has a 5 year one. This is the main point, I kind of came off as flaming them (which I am). I mean why would the 180 one have a 2 year one and the 140 one have a 5 year one? I also am thinking they changed the warranty coverage, because I vaguely remember getting the case over a thermaltake one specifically for it having a 5 year warranty. Now it is 2 years. That is all. Changing from 5 to 2. I could be mistaken, but I dont think I am as the black version still has a 5 year warranty listed on neweggs site.


My parts that have stopped working that are corsair (all at the same time for the most part):

PSU: HX850

AIO: H80

Case/Fans: 600t 200mm fans

Headset: hs40

Keyboard: K90

Out of those the fans, PSU, AIO all stopped working at the same time.


As I said I am not trying to flame on Corsair products, but the warranty as it is different for two seemingly identical products (besides color). 

Everysingle one of their cases that I have looked at have a 5 year warranty, the black 600t has one to. But the white 600t is 2 years. My recently purchased air 540 has a 5 year warranty, the new cases they just released have a 5 year warranty. As I said I the deciding factor (if I correctly recall it) was the warranty as I was deciding on a thermaltake case. That and a coolermaster haf. Cooler master offers a 1 year warranty and so did thermaltake.

warranty generally covers factory defects or issues that are the direct responsibility of the manufacturer, if your PSU damaged the other components you were lucky to get your gcard replaced. Now you could argue that since it was a Corsair PSU that caused the damage, if indeed the damage caused was by factory defects of the PSU and not by wrong used or other external factors, corsair would replace the damaged fan and the damaged PSU.

As for the other parts if corsair are nice enough they could replace them if indeed this was a factory defect of the PSU however there is nothing that mandates them to do so. In regard to the mother board standoffs i see no reason why you would need a replacement (unless you lost them) and if you did lose them it is not corsair responsibility to provide free spare parts. As a previous poster said before me corsair is considered by many as a good company that provides quality products, and having that many fail on you at the exact same time (of many different brands) is very suspicious to say the least,

I dont know why I am raging so hard right now. I think the fact that I had to buy a new liquid cooling system and mobo has something to do with it. The cooling system stopped cooling it adequately. I was idling at about 50 Celsius. It had cooled it to 20 on idle for about 2 years and the 3rd changed it. I even have a thread about it on here somewhere. They sent a replacement which also was running at about 50 on idle, which wasn't replaced. The replacement took a little over a month as it was replaced with the PSU. It should have, as I had it for a week and it wasnt running well at all. I ended up getting another from tigerdirect on a sale for something like 60 dollars. I originally bought the h80 for 130 at microcenter. Had it replaced and the replacement was a h80i that was running just as hot. The one I bought from tigerdirect is idling between 20 and 30 again. I used the stock paste with them and even tried two others (ic diamond and artic mx4). I just havent had good luck with corsair. The PSU dying in under a year (which fried the other components). I actually forgot to mention my 120gb Force GT has been hanging and I have had it for about 3 years. I am as I said kind of unlucky with this brand. Its funny that I say this, because I have had great luck with OCZ Vertex SSDs when I have read terrible things about them dying fairly often. I have my vertex 2 in my moms computer (have had it since 2009) and a vertex 3 in my macbook. Anyways I am just unlucky with corsair products I suppose.