Corsair Vengeance C70 Window

So the Corsair Vengeance C70 Case a fantastic case, but it has one problem. Love it or hate it, the side pannel window needs to go. I was just wondering, iv seen guides on how to make a replacement window, but, where can I just get one?

Is there a store near you that can cut one? Other then that I'm not sure. I know Corsair doesn't offer a replacement with out fan holes, which is ridiculous because the most common negative I hear about the c70 is the window.


I agree. The window is definatly the downside of the case. What kind of store do you have in mind though? 

I was going to get a C70 but again, the side panel ... it would be awesome if Corsair could sell a panel with no ventilation

Dude, I want to ask something about the side panel. Can you rotate the window by 180 degrees, so the perforated side for the fans is closer to the HDD cages?

It looks like you can, Check out this vid it looks like they have done exactly what you are after:

Also check out this one on how to replace the window all together and how to tint it to look sort of like the original:

I hope that answers your question :)

I've done that with mine.

Something like a local place that deals in glass or maybe just a local hardware store. Have them cut you an acrylic sheet. I'm not sure what size or thickness it would need to be though as I don't have the measurements for the C70's panel. You'd need some rubber washers as well but again I'm not sure on the thickness. :( I'd like to be more helpful but I haven't had the pleasure of tinkering with one, just going off of what I have read from others.

I'll definatly check those kinds of places. I can just get the measurements from my C70s window.