Corsair SP FANS

Whats up everyone. 

So i build my PC and at the time i didn't have much money to buy some good fans so i bought cheap ones now that i do. I'm looking at the Corsair SP series. 

I would like to know are they very quite? Will i hear the while playing games because right now i can hear the cheap ones and its very frustrating.

I have them on my h100i and they are quiet. Best thing you can do is set up fan profiles or have a fan controller so they are not running at high RPMs all the time.

I have SP120s on my Radiator, and High Airflows throughout the rest of my case, they are quite at lower RPMs but if you are running them at max you can definitely hear them, albeit they aren't the worst fan I've heard by any means. I have my fan profiles set up through MSI Control Center and I can no longer here my computer from where I sit above 2-3ft away.

Sweet thanks for the feedback guys.

Pretty terrible for the price, but decent fans. AP15s will destroy them in quality, price/performance, and overall performance, but if you want a fan for the looks, the SP are a decent choice.

Pretty loud, however.