Corsair SP & AF Fans


I'm aware there's a topic on this here, but it's ~6 months old, so rather than bump it...

I've been doing some research, and have heard in GENERAL, that the SP series is generally for heat sinks / radiators, and the AF for chassis fans.

However, I've also been reading the if you have obstructions (hard drives, even dust filters) that the SP series is preferable, even for chassis fans.

I'm using a CM Storm Stryker, which DOES use dust filters. I was considering two SP fans for the lower fan mounts which draw air in from the bottom of the case, since they have dust filters, and a AF fan for the rear exhaust (filter-less).

Can anyone here speak from personal experience regarding these two fan series, and how to optimally utilize them?


It all depends on how you want the air to flow mate. Fans with a higher static pressure (SP) will have a narrow channel that the air is pushed in, where as the (AF) series have lower static pressure and a much wider channel of direction air. 

Both will move air around the case, the AF series will be more efficient at removing dead spots in the case where there is very little airflow. Fans on the roof/rear of a case it doesnt matter what you use, the air is exhausting out of the case anyway.

In the trooper/stryker case you have the option of rotating the hdd cages so you can get more airflow in. They are such a nice case to work with, probably the best thing to ever come out of a coolermaster factory.

In short grab the AF's for the case and SP's for heatsinks and rotate your hdd cages.