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Corsair SF600 in a Node 304


Is it worth nearly 100 USD to buy the corsair individually sleeved cables for the SF600 before attempting to put it in my Node 304?




i kind of figured that would be the case… Thank you…


The stock cables are the flat ribbon style IIRC, so although they aren’t as easy to bend from side to side compared to individually sleeved cables, they take up less space overall because they don’t have sleeving. Aesthetically they aren’t as pleasing either I guess, but I’m not sure that would be super important since it’s a Node 304.


Well said.

I did have this PSU at one time, it’s great considering how pathetically small it is, but in a case like the Node 304, there’s no point at all. I only bought it previously because I was rocking an RVZ02, but due to there being a thin piece of metal being between the GPU and my SSD’s with 0 room for breathing, I begun to get rather concerned that they’d die, so I upgraded my case to the enthoo evolv mini tower, and annoyingly I also had to upgrade the PSU to an ATX PSU rather than an SFX PSU, I then bought an EVGA 750 GQ, which is just as good for the most part, only complaint(s) I have is that the 24-pin connector is an old school phat ass thing rather than being a flat cable like the Corsair SF600.

Conclusion of my little side story, never go too small, it may be awesome in one hand, but it’s a big gamble on another hand. I mean 50~75C under load on an SSD is a little scary in my eyes. Damn, I had to stop doing anything that would put strain on the GPU until I got a new case and better cooling and now because I can, I’m also using an AIO for the CPU.