Corsair Sabre RGB mouse issue

Today i Purchased this mouse

I plugged it in, installed the Corsair software and updated the Firmware for the mouse.

in windows it works perfectly fine but gaming it tends to freeze for a second or 2 and i have no idea what it is.

I've tried it playing COD AW - Survarium and EU4 and the same issue in all games...

I am using windows 10 Technical preview, whether its something to do with the "beta" OS not liking the drivers i don't know?

can anybody shed some light at all? thanks

if you can try it on win7/8 do it may be because its a beta os as you have said

Stupidly enough its because i wasnt using a mouse mat haha, i went out and bought one on a hunch and now its fine. a "smooth" wooden table isnt good enough it seems

well at leasts its working now and at least it works on win 10