Corsair RM or EVGA NEX Supernova G1

I want to know which is better in terms of quality

A lot of people will say the RM's are better but I like evga's PSUs just fine. The only thing you need to watch out for is that some evga power supplies use multiple low amperage rails, but as long as you make sure before hand that it uses a single 12 volt rail then you should be golden. It's also easier to get a fully modular evga PSU than a corsair because corsair really likes to bump that price up quite a bit just for being modular. I recommend the EVGA 750w G2; it's a great product.

What wattage are you looking at, I would recommend the EVGA in most situations as that super flower platform is amazing for the price.  I would recommend looking at for power supply reviews.  He is pretty much the best power supply reviewer on the Internet.

wow a 9.8 from JonnyGuru for the EVGA

what about the v700 from CoolerMaster

I may be mistaken so don't quote me on this, but I believe CoolerMaster uses the Seasonic layout/board for their PSUs. Seasonic is basically God tier power suppliage.

the v700 is gone :(

wait logan runs an rm850

I believe his fascination with the rm850 is that the fan doesn't even have to spin unless supply is under heavy loads, so it's very quiet. The 750w G2 from EVGA has the same feature, and unless you really need 850 watts it may be a more viable option.

I believe the V750 and higher wattages use Seasonic.  VSM and lower wattage V series power supplies are still good, but are not based off of a seasonic design.

I would take the Corsair RM over the Supernova G1(G1 or G2?)

I was thinking of the supernova g2 because it is newer I really don't mind the noise as long as it doesn't sound like a jet engine like my old laptop