Corsair RGB keyboard problems

Hey, So long story short i have the Corsaire K95 keyboard, which i have custom profiles on for lighting and key functions, although maybe 80% of the time when i turn my pc on, the keyboard won't recognize these profiles and instead just load the 3 factory one's the onyl way to make it work is to unplug the keyboard and replug it, not that that's annoying but i'd honestly rather not have to get around to the back of my pc and replug it just for it to work the way it's originally meant to. Anyone dealt with a problem like this before or know of a fix? Thanks in advance!

Not sure, because I leave mine on default settings anyway.
However, you may check to see if the Corsair utility is set to run on start up.

I have mine on default too, and yes it is set to startup. Yet since the update (and me reinstalling windows and the Corsair program) it has been starting the way it's meant to

Guess i'll just leave it be and thank whoever fixed it