Corsair makes matching cases and mice, but no keyboard. Help!

I currently own a Corsair Vengeance C70 military green case, and a Corsair M65 military green mouse. These are great and I love them. Now what I need is a military green keyboard to match. I'm really bumbed Corsair doesn't make the k60/70/90 in green, only various shades of brushed aluminum with very limited backlight color options.


Now so far the only one I've found that comes even close is the TT eSport Meka G-Unit. I have reservations about this keyboard for a few reasons: Chief among them, I'm not sure if the green will match. Second, it's gotten mixed reviews.


If anyone has any suggestions or personal experience with the Meka G-unit(i.e. is it a good keyboard, especially for that price and do you know if the green is close to the shade of the c70/m65.) Please don't hesitate to post!

The only keyboard that might come close to the TT eSport Meka G-Unit might be the Filco Majestouch-2 which comes in a camouflage pattern:

I feel like the Thermaltake keyboard will match better though.

Yeah I stumbled onto the Filco a few minutes ago on Linus' channel, but I agree with you, it's further from the answer than the TT. It's also significantly more expensive. Sigh. I guess I'll just keep my CM QuickFire until a perfect solution presents itself(I'm probably just going to spray paint my quickfire frame, if I get motivated enough to take it apart.)