Corsair k95 rgb, should I buy it?

Can I buy this keyboard with confidence? Am I getting my money's worth for what I pay for (as of right now keyboard is $160 in Amazon).

I have one. The macro keys are useful for lots of things. have them dedicated to programs, commands for twitch chat, and key combos.

It is overcomplicated though. Had problems at first before I realized the poling rate switch was set to bios compatibility. Also setting up the lighting effects is complicated and time consuming. programing macro keys is easy enough.

Had issues with the software early on but seems to work fine now. I do have an issue where my dac(creative omni) needs to be unplugged then plugged back in to work. I originally thought it was the keyboard or the software but after a patch it is the only device that a have a problem with so i think its another issue.

Yeah I can imagine how complex the software can be but I usually have a lot if time in my hands and think I can eventually get the gist of it, main concern is hardware though, how good is the build quality?

I'm not at it now but it has weight to it. When I get home I will have to see how much flex it has.

Take a look at the Logitech Orion. Great keyboard and the software is great.

I was curious about the keyboard but haven't had enough time with the switches. Also not a fan of the key caps and no replacements that i'm aware of.

Other that that saw a video where the keyboard went red and blue in gtav when the police were on you.

Oh ya it does do that. Kinda cool. Just does it with the F keys. Sadly it makes the rest of your keys like brown or something in that game.

Sadly it makes the rest of your keys like brown or something in that game.

I heard that was related to your character.

Well that's just racist! Hahaha.

From what i looked up Franklin was green, Trevor orange, and blue for Michale.

Pretty sure Franklin was brown for me. Lol

No, Corsair are a horrible company.

But if you never have to deal with their customer support go for it. I will never buy or recommend anything Corsair after the fiasco that was my K95 not RGB.

As far as build quality it has barley any flex. The top is mostly brushed aluminum with the switches on top so its easy to clean. It feels solid like you could beat someone to death with it.

Decided to test this with other keyboard. My pc has started 4 time without having to manually get my dac working again. could be luck or something with the keyboard or software is affecting usb devices on startup\login.

nvm it happened again.