Corsair K95 Impressions

Just ordered my K95 RGB yesterday. For those of you who already have this keyboard, what are your thoughts on the it? Any issues with the software, hardware, broken LED's, G-keys not functioning, etc.

I had the keyboard, and then about 6 of the LEDs just cut out, they stopped working completely. The worst thing is, I done nothing to cause this, I never dropped it, I never rage, I'm a light typer. So, I threw it in the bin and bought a Mionix keyboard, never buying any Corsair peripheral again... :/

I've had my k95 for 2.5 months now... everything is fine, all the rgb's are good, all the keys work. They seem pretty hit or miss with the QC though. If something happens just contact them, my experience with their customer service for my mouse has been amazing.
This is kinda a side note but the keyboard does look a lot better in person then online if you're into that.

I've had mine for over a year now i think. The usual LED problems. (suprisingly only on the macro keys)
I've dropped about three cups of coffee on it. And it survived all that. I also write quite a bit (i write books as a hobby)But now the k key is slowly dying.. It's been a good keyboard until now.

Had mine for over a year now. It isn't the RGB model though. Just the standard white light. I have 2-3 G-keys that are dead and 2-3 more that act funny. Other then that the rest work and I like it. No problems with software or the USB port.

Had the old white one and the LEDs started to die 4.months in. Support were awful when contacted. Never want to deal with corsair again.