Corsair K70 RGB

Does anyone know where i can get this keyboard at its retail price? Not some idiot that sells it for 300$ on eBay?

NCIX, Newegg, Amazon. I got mine at NCIX

Amazon doesnt have it in stock right now, only 3rd party seller, Newegg has it for 250$


maybe here  don't know what the shipping would be like..

Edit: or here maybe..I have never ordered from these places..Also I found these with a simple google search..

The question is are they valid listings??

Watch amazon, they have it for about $170 sometimes

Thought you only had $30 bucks for my k70? O.o how you gonna buy a $200 one? :OI

160*, and i'm getting paid xD I just want the keyboard now, that's why i offer you 30$ for your keyboard. I want it immediately, i have enough money to buy 2 brand new K70 RGB, not until Febuary tho, thats why

I'm not sure, but i  tend to stay away from unknown seller. I will do transaction with an unknown seller, if they're selling on a popular platform, like eBay or Amazon. That way, if i get scam or something go wrong, Amazon, or whatever the site they're selling on, could hop in and help me.

I will try a new site after I check stuff like this.. , ..I would never want to limit my options out of fear..I do a little research(and hope the reviews aren't fake), and then if they seem legit I will order from them..I have saved hundreds of dollars on triple wall stove pipe by ordering from somewhere I have not ordered from..I could not imagine limiting myself to a few sites..

So what was your purpose of asking the question??

"Does anyone know where i can get this keyboard at its retail price? Not some idiot that sells it for 300$ on eBay?"

If you only order from a few sites..Could you not just check those site you trust yourself?? Not being an ass just trying to understand..

But while I was looking at the K70 RGB.. I noticed the K95's are about the same price so I may be ordering one of those in a few months..


All rgb blues were discontinued a few days ago.... so im guessing it will be a while to get the browns back in stock

(wont be surprised if you see higher prices on ebay because of this)

due to the excuses from corsair its either ... cherry is a horrible manufacturer in keeping up with demand or cherry and corsair aren't working on the same page

corsair says its due to lack of sales but the truth is - its been sold out since its release  

to be honest I've been looking for this with browns and have not been able to find it either. Even the normal K70 in brown is really hard to find. I think corsair just wasn't ready for the demand especially since they're a memory manufacturer