Corsair K70 MK.2 stops working after a few minutes

I have tired holding down the escape key while plugging it in but that does not work. This keyboard stops responding to any keystrokes and shows up in the iCUE software with a red caution icon with an exclamation mark in it.

I keep getting messages telling me that the profiles are not compatible and I clear them off. I am also running the latest version of Corsair iCUE. I have cleared the on board storage and it does not help.

I can leave the randomized RGB pinwheel setting active and the RGB quits as well.

The RGB pass through continues to function.

Is there any fix for this, or have I gotten a bad keyboard?

I bought this keyboard to replace my K70 Lux RGB that my cat destroyed. My cat has been no where near this new keyboard as shes not allowed in my computer area.

This problem is getting annoying, and quite frankly it is a dumb problem. I have never had a keyboard do this.