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Corsair iCue and Ryzen 3000?

Using Corsair iCue software will peg Voltage on the 3800X CPU at 1.4+ and it doesn’t drop until all the iCue processes are killed and/or the software is uninstalled. After, voltage settles to .09 at rest and spikes up normally as workloads dictate.

Is this constant voltage behavior running iCue dangerous in any way to the CPU’s lifespan? It’s not all core, from what I can see. I just don’t feel confident when I see that happening.

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Probably not.
When you are confident with settings things in BIOS, set a negative offset so your CPU does not venture beyond 1.4V (Needs 1.35V to be stable at all core full speed).

Will probably be fixed in Chipset drivers or BIOS soon™

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