Corsair HX750 OEM - Channel Well


I've been working, slowly, over a year, on a new build.

I had purchased a Corsair HX750 for this build, but now that i'm dipping into PSUs, i found that there's the whole dimensions of OEM parts that go into PSUs, and their potential reputations.

I'll admit that i'm pretty ignorant regarding PSUs...

The PSU in question is the Corsair HX750, which seemingly uses Channel Well.

I've been hearing the "SeaSonic is the way to go.", though these remarks often seem to be unsubstantiated, outside of that i found that SeaSonic seems to produce their own parts, and use capacitors from Japan (Which i've HEARD the HX750 uses as well.)

I guess i'm just looking for a recommendations, or advice. I don't want all the effort i've invested into this machine to be negated by an awful power supply.

TL;DR - Should i not use a Corsair HX750 and look elsewhere for a PSU?

HX units are fine. Trust me you can do a hell of a lot worse.

Seasonic units have a good reputation since, well they are just such good units. Ive never had to rma on myself or any other pc that come through for repair etc. Them and superflower are probably top of the oem pile.

Quality of caps makes a shit load of difference. - even when repairing psu's, the difference in just replacing all the caps to solid japanese caps is pretty nuts.

There is also the soldering of the joints, the way the primary and secondary are designed. If you start reading some reviews from like this from here You'll really see what the difference is between oem designs etc.

Shits me that people when putting together a build list like to skimp on the psu. There are so many issues that can arise from a dodgy psu, from bsods, instability, random lockups etc.

Yeah my 2c, good post OP. 

I had my HX750 running my [email protected] 1.2v with Sapphire 7970 Toxic GHZ edition 6gb, and 3gb version in X-fire. It never complained once.Awesome PSU.