Corsair HX 650 Chirping

I picked up an HX 650 PSU today and after playing Skyrim for a bit I noticed a chirping sound.


After searching for the issue, it apparently affects a lot of these units. I can take it back to the Microcenter I purchased it from, but I have a few questions first:


Is this a fan problem, or something more serious? It doesn't happen at idle, only under load. It usually happens every few minutes. I play with headphones so probably won't ever notice it much.

Is it likely, that if I ask for a replacement of the same model, I will get these same problem?


At first I was going to say coil whine though after seeing some videos of the issue I'm not sure what to think. 
Probably still electrical.
Sounds kinda cute.

The biggest issue is that people are still coming across the issue in units after an RMA. In other words it's wasting yours and everybody else's time. I hate those sorts of RMA situations.  

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck! 

 Edit: Sorry for the mess of a paragraph, no idea how line spacing works on Tek. 

Caps in the psu most likely, yeah its pretty common in the 650's. Its not causing damage and you play with headphones so I guess its up to you if you want to go through the RMA process or not.

Easy enough to rule out the fan, when under load stop the fan from spinning, if noise stops then its the fan otherwise its the caps of which dont try and fix yourself unless you know how.

I just wanted to make sure it wasn't gonna blow up!