Corsair H80i Stripped Screws Fix

So, a few months ago I purchased an H80i. So far the Software has been fine, and temps have been great. However, three of the four screws on the "far' side of the radiator (no pipes side) got stripped. Since I could not RMA, and I did not want to ship to Corsair in Taiwan, I decided to find a fix myself. I got 4" long M6 (Customary System) screws and used them (4) to go through the case side, fan, radiator, and fan, and I used a locking nut to secure it all. I've never had problems with Corsair in the past, but I think it was a huge oversight to use aluminum threads that are ~1mm deep. This fix has solved my problem perfectly, so I decided to post for anyone else with the same problem.

I got 4 M6 (Inches) screws that were 4" long, 4 washers and a Teflon locking nut. The screws that came with the radiator were not meant to go through very deep, so I used a nail to push aside the thing metal heat spreader material (NOT water channels). I could then "easily" thread the screw from the outside of the case in through one fan, the first set of rad threads, in through the second set, though the last fan, and place the bolt at the end. The entire assembly fit the screw exactly. It has worked fine since.

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My H80i makes me sad its the loudest thing in my pc......