Corsair H80i CPU Liquid Cooler

ok some things i need to ask u guys

Will this cooler fit in my case ? 

cause i have only 120 x 25mm space and its

Radiator dimensions: are 120mm x 152mm x 38mm

+ how much psu does it need to run it i only have 500 W

is this a good cooler cause my cpu is on 40 / 45 C on idele and when gamming 90 to 95 c

with stock cooler when it is running at stock clock

and is this a good cooler can i also overclock with it >?

and will any booze remove thermal paste off my cpu  ?

thanks in advance



motherboard - GA-970A-DS3


processor  - fx 8350


 case - cooler master elite 310

supply box  - cooler master Thunder 500W

Yes, you can mount the radiator to the 120mm spot at the top back of your case. 

Yes it is a good closed loop liquid cooler.

Yes it will help with overclocking. Such a thick cooler will bring your temps down by about 10-15c on idle, and should bring your load temps down by 20c. 

Your PSU is fine. 

As long as you've got sufficient fan headers left on your motherboard, you will be fine.

This cooler is expensive, but still good.

Have you given thought to other coolers?

well i have never installed a liquid cooler and my friend told me its a good one so im thinking to get it

+ i dont know if there is any other cooler which will fit in my case and keep my cpu cool

and my cpu is getting real hot 45 c on idele is real hot and it will only reduce 20 c ?


and u didnt answer my other questiopn will any booze remove thermal paste of cpu

please tell me if u know any other cooler which will fit in my case and which will keep my cpu cool 


You don't have to go for a liquid cooler, you could go for a low profile high end air cooler that would serve you just fine. Take a look at the Xigmatek Dark Knight. You shouldn't have to worry about fitting that in your case. And its cheaper too. 

When I mentioned the temperatures, I meant.

It will move your idle temperatures from 40c to about 30c. 

And your load temperatures from 90c (which is bad) to about 60-70c, maybe into the 80s, but thats unlikely.

That's just a range, its not exact. 

I'd only recommend getting a high end liquid cooler if you live somewhere that's naturally hot really often. Otherwise, a good air cooler will do you just fine.

Also, no, I can't recommend that. Use isopropyl alcohol, because that's generally the most recommended. You can find tons of youtube videos on how to remove thermal paste. 

yes i live in a very hot place room temp is about 45 c

temp inside case is about 60 c

can u suggest cooler on


the one u mentioned is not available in my country