Corsair H80 fan problem

I'm not entirely sure this is the section for cooling problems, but here goes anyways.

I have a corsair H80 water cooler, and have use it every day for the last 2-3 months. Today while I was just browsing aimlessly, my two fans connected to the H80's fan controller (integrated with the pump) starting spinning at 100% speed (judging by the extremely loud noise). I checked the temperatures, and they were still sitting at around 23C. So I figured maybe a restart might help. So I shut it down, then started it back up again (not just restart, but shutdown, then hit the power button), and the problem still existed.

So then I fiddled around with the fan plugs, and changed them around on the pump, no change. Then I realized that the lights on the pump were not on.

I've sent an RMA request to corsair, and hopefully that will work out. In the mean time, I'm using the stock cooler that I saved in case of this exact scenario. 

Has anyone encountered a problem like this with any of corsair's closed loop coolers?

Sounds to me like whatever controls the pump/fan speed inside the waterblock unit got fried. You should check to make sure your power supply is high quality and stable, as well as get a UPS unit. It's much more likely that it was just a random break down, but you're better safe then sorry.

Well I definitely didn't skimp on my powersupply. It's a 750 watt OCZ fatal1ty. I'll have to look into getting a UPS.