Corsair h80 and antec p 180



Can I first say thank you to Logan for your great youtube videos, and also for renlighting my love for pc hardware!!. Now I want to build myself a new pc and replace the current monster which is a good 5 years old. My  current spec i've built on paper is under £550 at the moment which i'm happy about but i'm stuck on the cooler I want to put in the H80 in a antec p 180, will it fit? 


The build at the moment is;

gigabyte ga-z77mxd3h

I5 3550

nzxt 650 watt

8g ram

and reusing my current g/card


I need it to be a all round tbh, in the future I hope to replace the g/card fully to something that really fancy.




it depends on the case if it fits