Corsair H60 VS Seidon 120m VS Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer

Hey guys If any of you have water cooling knowledge or have any of these coolers make sure to say your experience with the cooler your temperatures and OC. Also if any of you can post pictures of your System or a screen shot of your Temps it would be awesome. I am trying to decide between these coolers: Corsair H60 VS Seidon 120m VS Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer

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Honestly at that price range you could get more cooling for your buck with a NH-U12P even though its air

The Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer is the pick for cooling performance due to its duel fan design, but I'd seriously consider waiting till you can afford a slightly better setup like the NZXT X30 or Corsair H90 (140mm Asetek design) or even larger if you have the space\budget. The reason this works is simple, the more area you have the lower the airspeed you need to pass a given amount of air over it per minute, thus bigger rads are both quieter for a given cooling performance and more maximum performance. If you need cooling now and don't want to pay as much, the Cooler Master hyper212evo (1x 120m fan but can add a second) is a popular option due to its large size and low cost, although the Noctua u14s (single 140mm fan) is quiet and still quite affordable, at only about the same price as the Corsair H60.

I'm not going to take or upload a whole lot of photos but I have several systems around that I've built, out of the two recent AIO watercooled ones the Corsair H90 cooling a Intel i7 4770K as rear exhaust in a Fractal Design Define R4 is my pick, its very quiet and never gets over 65c (air typically about 30c, although it gets over 35c often) even under synthetic loads, and I doubt it ever will as it doesn't max out the PWM fan speed. However the other system I built recently with a AIO used a Thermatake Hydro2Preformer as intake in a small for factor (silver stone Sg05) for a Intel i5 4670K, cooling was great and noise wasn't bad but the Corsair H90 was certainly better, if a lot more expensive.