Corsair h60 vs h70

Is there a real huge difference between these other than the h70 having a thicker radiator and no fans? They're the same price so I was just wondering what one would I be better off going with? I'm going to be putting it in a Bitfenix Prodigy at the rear so I'm thinking the h60 as it is thinner than the h70. I will only be overclocking the 3570k to around 4ghz.

h60 -

h70 -

The thicker radiator of the H70 will give you better cooling and you can get good aftermarket fans for it (like the Corsair SP series fans). That gives you better cooling with lower noise. Go for the H70.

but as it is thicker, will it fit at the back of the prodigy?

If you remove that top hard drive cage, I guess there'll be enough "breathing" room for the H70 and its push-pull setup if you desire to go for it.