Corsair H55 - Water cooling on a budget

Picked up the Corsair H55 cooler and so far im pretty impressed. I'm running a Xeon E3 1231v3 so i have no OC or anything, just wanted something a bit quieter and a bit cooler. -
I've not done any proper bench marking or anything. just a quick look at core temp at idle - probably not 100% accurate

i got it for £49 (Maplins Pricing) probably cheaper anywhere on the net.

here is the before and after.

why are the power diff?

i have no idea. all i did was literally just change the cooler from stock to this

i have just gone back on core temp and the voltage constantly changes.

I have a Corsair H50 that I havn't changed paste on in a while(over a year), here are my temps.

I realize the RAM usage is pointless.

From the uk? you could of gotten a H100 for that :P dosent realy matter tho for a cpu with a locked multiplier a cooler master hyper 212 evo is better than a H55 and quieter.

The 120mm AIO coolers do an amazing job cooling graphics cards. CPUs?... Not so much. People just get them for aesthetics.

i wasnt too fussed about the price dude. i didnt even really need it, just got the itch. haha. i think this was a bit more expensive because i got it from maplins <- ripoffff

has this changed much over a year? apparently these type of closed loop coolers only really last about 2 years. (this may be untrue though)