Corsair H55 (Are my temps normal?)

I recently got my hands on the AIO Corsair H55 unit. I want to know if my temps are normal.


I'm running an Intel 4670K at stock clock @ 99 Degrees Celsius


Used Phanteks thermal paste (ran out of it) and re-applied it 3 times.


(TL;DR: Is 99 Degrees Celsius a normal temp for an H55 on a 4670K stock clock?)

No definitely not. I would say to keep a cpu under 75 degrees Celsius for intel. 

Is the brackets of the h55 mounted properly? and is it sitting on the cpu properly? Can you hear the pump while the computer is running?

I read the manual that came with the H55 and watched some videos on how-to install it. I did everything right for LGA 1150, but I can't hear a pump or any moving parts running inside of the water block. 

90°C is not really dangerous for an intel, but anything near 100°C is a little bit too much.

As for the solution: Check that thermal paste. And as mentioned above: See if its pressured ok.

The pump doesnt really make ALOT of noise, it might be normal. Check if the Radiator/cooling block is heating up or not?

I have a 4770 at stock clock and even in the most powerful games I have I don't go over 45ºC with the stock CPU fan at 50%. I don't know what to tell you, I mean I don't know why do you have such high temperatures, but in my opinion you should inspect if everything is well installed and if you can't figure it out maybe take it to shop

Those temps are too high. At around 105 degrees C, your computer would shut itself down. Anything above 80 degrees will shorten the lifespan of the CPU. Though, it could be an inaccurate reading. I'm not sure what you have used to view your temps.

Ya it sounds like the coolant is not flowing so you are not getting any cooling at stock on that cooler I would be surprised to see more the 70c under a stress test