Corsair H150i pro woes

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if I could have your opinion on the following.

I recently ran into trouble with H150i pro 360mm cooler. The TL;DR version is the iCUE software that manages fan and pump speed profiles causes black screens at random and is hot garbage.

Is there a way I can get some control over the fans etc. My thought was two install a 5.25 inch bay fan controller to manage the fans. I already have plugged the sata cable coming from the block/pump into a molex to sata adapter to run the pump at 100%.

Alternatively is there a 360mm AIO I can purchase that doesn’t have crappy software. Corsair iCUE is plagued with issues and I’ve heard NZXT cam isn’t much better,

I really don’t want to go for a custom loop because I think it’s going to be a lot of maintenance, cost and I don’t have enough knowledge to set one up. I also don’t want to use an air cooler as my ram has very large heatspreaders and the compatibility is just not there.

I’ve been using Corsair AIOs a good while now. I think I’ve used the fan control of the pumps for about an hour in total. It’s useless.

I always just use the motherboard fan controls, they work far better. With Asus or Gigabyte boards you can set the delays between temp change and fan speed change, so you can work in a buffer - stops the fans revving up and down as much.

Edit: I have/had a NZXT Kraken X62, and CAM is a steaming pile of s*** - it makes Corsair’s software look good. The X62 just expired this weekend, think the controller has died, no lights, no pump, nothing. Replaced with a trusty old H100i v2, which is just about managing the heat load of the i9.

I had the same issue on my board unhil I looked in the menus and saw my pump wasn’t set to max speed so in os it’d refuse to go faster.

It doesn’t help that half the controls are in BIOS either. Try corsair Link, it connects to my H100iv2 just fine.

pump speed doesnt matter so just use whatever fan controller youd like and youll be fine

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