Corsair h100i or kraken x60


cpu: fx 8350

gpu: asus 7950 directCU II Top

mb: asus sabertooth 990fx r.2.0

psu: coolermaster gx lite black 700w

ram: 8gb kingston beast 1600 mhz

Hello. I'm thinking of buying a new cooler because the stock one is really loud. I have always planned to switch to water so I could overclock once I had the money but I went a bit over the budget when I bought this machine and I had to cut back on the case, I have an Aerocool vs 3. I have 3 questions:

1) Because the case does not have support for upper fans or how are they called, can I install the h100i or kraken x60 radiator on the side panel as it has room for 2x 120mm fans or 2x 140 mm fans ?

2) If the above cannot be done, do you think I have room to drill some holes on the top of the case so I can fit the radiator and do you think it can be done ?

3) If I can do one of the above, which cooler do you think would be best for me the h100i or kraken x60. I realise that this question is like asking which is better intel/amd or nvidia/ati and I have watched logan's build with the fx 8350 as you can see my pc is pretty much the same.

A thing I'd like to add, the x60 is really hard to find here in Romania and is substantially more expansive than the h100i.

I really hope it can be done as I plan to overclock this machine and I really dont want to do it on a air cooler, which i dont think will fit in the case anyway (a good one I mean).

Thanks in advance.

h100i, kraken being hard to find....

From what I've heard, the Kraken isn't much better than the H100i, so if it's more expensive than the H100i by a large portion I would go with the H100i. I would also just recommend buying a new case that supports the radiator because I personally feel that it isn't worth it to risk damaging the components but it just depends on how comfortable you are with that kind of stuff.

The kraken X60 Is way better.

The Kraken X60 is better, but Swiftech makes the best all in one loop. It's significantly more expensive though.

See if you can get an XSPC kit instead. They will perform worlds better and aren't much more expensive anyway.