Corsair H100i - Compatible with LGA1150?

Hi, I am currently choosing parts for a new desktop that will feature a Haswell CPU and LGA1150 socket mobo.  I am considering a Corsair H100i liquid cooler, but I am confused with the compatibility specs.  PCPP says that it is compatible with LGA1150, while newegg and several other sources say it is not.  I'm just asking if anyone has installed this device on an LGA1150 setup to see if it is compatible or not.  Thanks!

It does fit, but I'd get a high-end air cooler, like the Noctua NH-D14 or Phanteks PH-TC14PE, instead to save some money and get equivalent or better performance.

Wouldn't be my choice of cooler. But yes, it is compatible.

Ok, thanks for the replies.  I am considering starting with an air cooler, Tharmaltake CLP0564 to be exact (since it matches my color scheme and i have heard good reviews on it), and then i would possibly upgrade to a liquid cooler (or air) if i wanted more performance.  I just wanted to know all of my options.

Most, if not all, options will come with some sort of backplate for AMD sockets and all Intel sockets.

FYI, if a cooler can fit the 1155 socket, it can fit the 1150 socket, too. I know that people manufacturers have failed to notify people about this.

I haven't got a bad thing to say about air cooling. It's often quieter, cheaper, and has all the performance you need. Depending on the unit, it can be more than these all-in-one liquid coolers. Especially at their respective price points. A $50 air cooler would be preferably to a $50 AIO liquid solution.