Corsair H Series vs other Closed Loops

Title says it all. Trying to find a good closed water-cooling loop. If you can, please explain the differences between:








and how they compare to Swiftech, NZXT, etc for water cooling loops. I'm really confused and don't know which one to get. Throw in air coolers like the Noctuas's and my head is fried. Using an i5-3570K and may upgrade to  an i7 once Haswell comes out. Thanks in advance.

What about the Asetek 760gc gpu and cpu watercooling kit? 

CPU All in One only. Dont want to mess around too much with it.

The NZXT Kraken X60 is the best performer. 

Linus did a video on this: 

Skip to 4:00 for the results

Better yet, a spreadsheet with updated results from Linus:

Go for a DH14. Closed loops are just dumb anyway. You can get the same performance from an air cooler.

So the H100i and the H80i are the best?

I'm not too sure... those fans are ugly.