Corsair Dominator Plantium or Kingston Beast?

I am planning a future build and i can't decide which of these to RAM kits i should choose. I just want to know what the key differences are and if the Dominator is worth the extra money. The Dominator Plantium is CL9 and the Beast is CL11 (whatever that means). The Dominator is at 1866Mhz while the Beast is at 2133Mhz. Can someone help me? Thanks!

CL means CAS Latency which is the speed of the RAM basically. You want RAM with a lower cas latency essentially since you can overclock the Mhz speed to whatever your motherboard can handle. I'd go with the Dominator Platinum due to the lower cas latency.

The Cl is your Cas Latency and it refers to the overall speed of your RAM to respond to read/write requests. The higher the number the more clock cycles it waits through. So inherently a lower number on faster RAM is ideal. In the case of Kingston Beast, you'll find that it is excellent RAM overall, but it doesn't really have the best timings. I've actually found that G.Skill has some of the best RAM on the market if you can learn to move past the absolutely abysmal heat spreaders. But if you are looking to liquid cool, it doesn't really matter because Bitspower, Phobya and EK all make adapter kits to cover the RAM modules with a sleek new heat spreader that is designed after the one on the Corsair Dominator and as such fits neatly onto their watercooling block for RAM.

Also, this stuff is amazing

Clocked at 2400 MHz, and it is still pulling CAS Latencies of 9. Incredible.

I will probably stick to the Dominators, most because of the looks, and i may overcklock a little. :)

Make sure your motherboard supports the speeds you want to overclock to. For example, don't overclock your RAM to 2133MHz when your motherboard only supports 1800Mhz and so forth.

I would get G.SKILL Trident X 2400mHz 16GB(2x8GB). For 16GB of super fast memory, it costs $139.99, much better than the prices of the Corsair Platinum. If you have the money to spend, get really fast Dominator Platinum with a low CAS latency, but otherwise, the G.SKILL Trident X 2400mHz has a CL of 10, and it looks great (unlike other RAM from G.SKILL) in a black or black/red themed build. I have underclocked mine to 2133mHz at 1.54V, CL 9, on a Maximus V Formula motherboard. I highly recommend G.SKILL memory, as long as it doesn't look bad to you. You might want to get some Samsung God RAM, instead. It doesn't have heatsinks, and comes in 4GB modules. It overclocks like crazy! A lot of people get 2133mHz on it with reasonable voltages, at CL 9/10.